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John Muir Trail ’13: The Movie!

Which way to go?

John Muir Trail

Es hat nur ein halbes Jahr gedauert, bis ich es nach meiner Wanderung am John Muir Trail endlich geschafft habe, die Fotoauswahl noch einmal – auf ein auch für Nicht-Mitwanderer erträgliches Maß – zu reduzieren.

Mit den verbleibenden gut 160 Fotos habe ich ein kleines Video zusammengestellt. An diesen Erinnerungen lasse ich euch hiermit teilhaben. Viel Spaß!

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John Muir Trail ’13: Walk, Eat, Sleep. Repeat.

The John Muir Trail: An 'easy' trail through impressive scenery

On the John Muir Trail: An ‘easy’ trail surrounded by an impressive scenery

There’s only three things you really have to take care of when thru-hiking a trail like the John Muir Trail:

#1: Make your miles.
#2: Refill calories.
#3: Get your sleep.

Every single day. It’s as easy as that!

Anytime I didn’t fully succeed at either of these three objectives it was because I found myself sitting somewhere staring in awe at the amazing scenery and forgetting everything else. Mehr lesen…

John Muir Trail ’13: I did it!

John Muir

John Muir

This is just a quick post to let everybody know, that I’ve successfully completed my thru-hike of the John Muir Trail in California. It was a really awesome adventure, I guess, it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done! The hike and the scenery have by far exceeded my expectations!

I did not encounter major problems, was fortunate enough to have no injuries at all (not even blisters, chafing or a twisted ankle) and also all the gear held up well, nothing important was broken or lost. I’m really surprised everything went so smoothly! Mehr lesen…

JMT Day 19: Mount Whitney! Finally!

On the summit of Mount Whitney (4421m)

On the summit of Mount Whitney (4421m)

Today is the day! At 2:30 a.m. my alarm rings.

There is an awesome night sky and the moon gently lights the scenery. While tearing down my tent and packing up things I try to avoid making to much noise or shining my headlight on the other tents.

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JMT Day 18: Almost there…

Wandern, Weitwandern am 1. August 2013
The trail leaving Wallace Creek

The trail leaving Wallace Creek

This is going to be a short day.

The goal is to arrive early at Guitar Lake, mainly because it is the last reasonable camping opportunity before the climb to Mount Whitney. So virtually everybody will be camping there and the latecomers will get the less-then-ideal campsites.

I start at 7:45 and the first thing I see in the morning is a boy in a bathrobe. Am I really awake already?

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JMT Day 17: Crossing Forester Pass (4009m)

Bergtour, Wandern, Weitwandern am 31. Juli 2013
On top of Forester Pass

On top of Forester Pass

A windy night is followed by a windy morning, so I pack up quickly and start hiking just as Rob, Peter and John start preparing breakfast.

I have about 650 meters remaining to climb to Forester Pass. There is a lake half way up that seems to be protected from the wind.

There I cook my breakfast at one of the few tiny campsites so many hikers have aimed for yesterday. Mehr lesen…

JMT Day 16: Glen Pass & Bubbs Creek

Bergtour, Wandern, Weitwandern am 30. Juli 2013
The View from Glen Pass

The View from Glen Pass

I wake up to another beautiful day at Rae Lakes. The scenery at this place is really amazing.

What’s even more amazing: I have been warned about the merciless mosquitoes here, but not a single bug has shown up. It is now over a week ago that I’ve seen the last of these bloodsuckers.

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JMT Day 15: Pinchot Pass & Rae Lakes

Wandern, Weitwandern am 29. Juli 2013
On Pinchot Pass

On Pinchot Pass

Last night was the first time I felt a bit cold.

It was 5°C (41°F) inside the tent, but what’s worse is that I had some rather wet nights recently, either rainy or close to lakes. My sleeping bag seems to have soaked up some moisture and hence lost insulation.

Overall I didn’t sleep too well, besides drying the sleeping bag I will have to find a solution on what to use as cushion, my fleece jacket is not really working. Mehr lesen…

JMT Day 14: Mather Pass – Epic!

Mather Pass seen from the South

Mather Pass seen from the South

Sunshine and a clear blue sky in the morning! What a good idea to save Mather Pass for today.

My campsite, however, is still in the shade, so I pack up and start immediately – delaying breakfast for later. I have about 1000 ft (300m) left to climb until I reach the pass.

When I reach the pass the amazing views to the other side are completely mind-blowing. Mehr lesen…

JMT Day 13: Rain, Sun and a Monster!

Bergtour, Wandern, Weitwandern am 27. Juli 2013
Rainy LeConte Canyon

Rainy LeConte Canyon

The bad news of the day is that it is still raining when I wake up. The good news is that my tent seems to be pretty unimpressed by the elements, even though it was advertised as well-ventilated.

I am not really keen on hiking in the pouring rain, so I decide to wait for a while. At 7 am the rain stops and we get up quickly. Mehr lesen…