Zentralalpenweg 02: Samnaun & Paznaun

Erst sechs Tage ist es her, dass wir zum Abschluss der letzten Etappe mit knurrenden Mägen auf der Suche nach einem geöffneten Restaurant durch den kleinen Inntaler Ort Prutz geirrt sind. Heute habe ich hier die Qual der Wahl: Während mich das Taxi am Hauptplatz abliefert, öffnen die hiesigen Gasthöfe ihre Pforten und die Köche blasen zur kulinarischen Happy Hour.

Doch erst die Arbeit, dann das Vergnügen: Es ist nur eine kurze Etappe hinauf nach Serfaus, daher muss das leibliche Wohl noch warten.


Zentralalpenweg 02: Praxmar – Ötztal

Dieses Wochenende wird die Überschreitung der Stubaier Alpen fortgesetzt, welche ich vor zwei Wochen nicht ganz zu Ende gebracht habe.

Es warten der erste (und einzige) Dreitausender entlang des Zentralapenwegs und ein durchaus spannender Wegabschnitt, wo Trittsicherheit und Schwindelfreiheit gute Dienste leisten werden.


Blitzbesuch am Kitzsteinhorn (3203m)

Ein billiger 3000er?

Der Wetterbericht versprach Sonnenschein in Zell am See und doch sitzen Helen und ich unter einer hartnäckigen Hochnebeldecke. Die Webcams auf den umliegenden Gipfeln verraten, dass die Sonne heute wandernd nicht so leicht zu erreichen ist.

Daher entschließen wir uns spontan zu einem Ausflug aufs Kitzsteinhorn, die Seilbahn katapultiert uns bis zur 3000m-Marke.


JMT Day 18: Almost there…

A short day – The goal is to arrive early at Guitar Lake, mainly because it is the last reasonable camping opportunity before the climb to Mount Whitney. So virtually everybody will be camping there and the latecomers will get the less-then-ideal campsites.

I start at 7:45 and the first thing I see in the morning is a boy in a bathrobe. Am I really awake already?


JMT Day 15: Pinchot Pass & Rae Lakes

This was the first night that felt a bit cold. It was 5°C (41°F) inside the tent, but what’s worse is that I had some rather wet nights recently, either rainy or close to lakes. My sleeping bag seems to have soaked up some moisture and hence lost insulation.

Overall I didn’t sleep too well, besides drying the sleeping bag I will have to find a solution on what to use as cushion, my fleece jacket is not really working.


JMT Day 14: Mather Pass – Epic!

Sunshine and a clear blue sky in the morning! What a good idea to save Mather Pass for today. My campsite, however, is still in the shade, so I pack up and start immediately – delaying breakfast for later. I have about 1000 ft (300m) left to climb until I reach the pass.

When I reach the pass the amazing views to the other side are completely mind-blowing.


JMT Day 13: Rain, Sun and a Monster!

The bad news of the day is that it is still raining when I wake up. The good news is that my tent seems to be pretty unimpressed by the elements, even though it was advertised as well-ventilated.

I am not really keen on hiking in the pouring rain, so I decide to wait for a while. At 7 am the rain stops and we get up quickly.


JMT Day 12: Muir Pass

Being lulled into a deep sleep by the noise of the nearby stream I slept very well last night. It was not a cold night, but in the morning there is a lot of condensation on the fly of my tent.

We start at 8 am, the path remains almost flat for a few miles. This is followed by a rather steep 600 ft climb to gorgeous Evolution Lake.


JMT Day 11: Sleeping while Walking…

After a windy night at Heart Lake we wake up to a clear sky! The view and the panorama is sooooo much nicer without the smoke!

Today is a special day on our JMT hike: Half way! We will pick up our resupplies at Muir Trail Ranch which is about the same distance from the trailheads in Yosemite Valley and Mount Whitney! The John Muir Trail is now officially the longest hike I’ve ever done!


JMT Day 10: Walking into Mordor…

After enjoying the amenities of civilisation (a shower, beer, real food…) at Vermillion Valley Resort for a night we take the first shuttle boat back through a half-dry Edison lake.

There is still some smoke from the nearby fire hovering over the lake, but it seems to be less in the direction we will be heading today.


JMT Day 9: Timeout at VVR

On another cloudy morning about 800 ft remain to climb to the top of Silver Pass.

The rest of the day should be downhill to Lake Edison. From there we will take the ferry to Vermillion Valley resort where we will spend the night. That is, if the ferry operates…

We are way ahead of schedule so we can easily afford making the detour.