JMT Day 3: Up Half Dome, to Sunrise

Today the first major highlight of the trail awaits us: Half Dome! Actually it is not part of the John Muir Trail, but almost all JMT hikers do the small side trip.

After a warm night (9°C in the tent) and a short breakfast we get started at 7:50. Not as early as I’ve hoped, but still early enough to avoid all the day hikers that will summit Half Dome from the bottom of Yosemite Valley.


JMT Day 2: Back to Square One

After yesterday’s nice warm-up hike I can officially start my John Muir Trail hike today.

Kevin and I take the bus from the Yosemite Lodge up to Glacier Point. At 25$ (one-way) it is not too cheap but this way we can avoid having to hike up to Glacier Point via the steep Four-Mile-Trail.

And the bus ride turns out to be an informative and very entertaining guided tour.