JMT Day 16: Glen Pass & Bubbs Creek

I wake up to another beautiful day at Rae Lakes. The scenery at this place is really amazing.

What’s even more amazing: I have been warned about the merciless mosquitoes here, but not a single bug has shown up. It is now over a week ago that I’ve seen the last of those bloodsuckers.


JMT Day 15: Pinchot Pass & Rae Lakes

This was the first night that felt a bit cold. It was 5°C (41°F) inside the tent, but what’s worse is that I had some rather wet nights recently, either rainy or close to lakes. My sleeping bag seems to have soaked up some moisture and hence lost insulation.

Overall I didn’t sleep too well, besides drying the sleeping bag I will have to find a solution on what to use as cushion, my fleece jacket is not really working.